“The glory of young men is their strength…” (Proverbs 20:29)



Youths are endowed with strength; to learn, adapt quickly, run, read and do many things. Such strength is expected to be properly harnessed to accomplish a rewarding future

Many have learnt that as people aged, the strength do most things also begin to decrease. Such people because they were wise made up their minds to utilize their strength to acquire skills that would make them better persons in the future now that they are full of energy.

Older people also counsel young people based on their own experiences. They see in young people the strength and the potential to be what God would want them to be. Unfortunately, some of the young people do not see things in this light. They think that the strength will always be there and the time will always be there too. But a young person will not always remain young.

Every day he is growing older and opportunities to harness the strength he has for a better future are fading away gradually. That is why you must realize that the time to read and develop yourself is now. This is the time you have the strength to do many things, therefore, start right now. Have a list of what you want to do, ask God in prayer to guide and direct you. Believe in the strength that God has given you. Go ahead and do what God wants you to do to be a success in life!

Prayer: O Lord, let my time be used well.